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Statement to our McDonald's clients


Dear Valued Clients,

We want to express our gratitude for your continuous support and ongoing business. As we embark on the new financial year, we wish to address any misinformation that may be circulating in the market.

Abcom – approved supplier to McDonald’s

Abcom remains an approved supplier to McDonald’s, committed to serving McDonald’s Licensees with the full support of McDonald’s Head Office.

We are actively developing innovative solutions that adapt to the evolving landscape of information technology and enhance our current applications in the McDonald’s ecosystem.  We are positive about our future collaborations with McDonald’s as we continue to invest and develop enhanced integrations such as Business Intelligence, consolidation, and KPI reporting among other upcoming developments.

Abcom also looks to continue our legendary “best in market” local client support, provided by a dedicated team of professionals, to constantly improve and assist in managing your business operations, meeting legislative requirements, and ensuring compliance standards are upheld.

Competition benefits you – the Licensee

At Abcom, we embrace healthy competition in the marketplace because it drives innovation and ensures competitive pricing. Choice and options are essential in any supplier arrangement, and current competition in the market reflects this necessity.

Like our major competitor in the Australian market, Abcom has a market ready BOC solution ready for further testing. Both solutions have concluded trials for these products, with McDonald’s IT opting to continue research. As such, the BOC project is on hold until we receive advice from McDonald’s Australia.

Following McDonald’s supplier agreements, Abcom does not promote products that are not approved, nor link future pricing to unapproved products.

Further, Abcom are not encouraging clients to commit to long-term contracts with short-term benefits, as we plan to be here for the long term. We encourage clients to carefully evaluate competitive offers, consider the motivations to make such an offer and consider their implications (both short and long term).

Committing to long-term contracts in this evolving market may limit future options, especially given the potential developments currently being researched by McDonald’s Australia.

Abcom prides itself on providing cost-effective, sustainable solutions, without contracts and without frequent price adjustments. With minimal increases in the past 20 years, our growth (both organic and new) and subsequent revenues helped us sustain pricing for the McDonald’s market whilst enabling us to meet ever-changing statutory requirements and market expectations.

Having weathered market shifts and outlasted previous solutions (like Sybiz, Cosmos, Vandoes and others), Abcom understands the dynamics of market share fluctuations. As the leading supplier of payroll and accounting systems to McDonald’s Licensees in Australia, we are experienced in navigating the highs and lows of the industry.

Our commitment remains steadfast: we do not rest on past achievements, but instead invest in our largest team in history to innovate and deliver end-to-end solutions for you – the Licensee.

Not just software – comprehensive bookkeeping solutions

Abcom has established strong partnerships with third-party bookkeeping solutions, alongside offering our ever-expanding in-house option. This dual approach supports clients exploring outsourcing while still utilising Abcom’s payroll and accounting solutions.

We believe your software package should not be dependent on your bookkeeping service. That’s why we have active solutions ready via various experienced bookkeeping contractors to meet your needs. Please reach out to us for no obligation advice on the best options for outsourcing your bookkeeping needs.


Looking ahead, Abcom celebrates record sales for the 2023-2024 financial year, driven by organic growth and new client acquisitions. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our McDonald’s clients and appreciate your continued partnership.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to explore future opportunities or discuss how we can support your needs moving forward.

Jim Hawkins, CEO, and the Abcom Team


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